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Creating unique sports kits that set teams apart is all down to good design and amazing colours!

Colour Selection

Team members will feel inspired when they have something that truly reflects who they are, wherever they are performing. In addition to the ‘look’, consideration must be given for practical elements which impact performance; like durable construction materials/ fabrics, and breathability needed during sporting activities.


Master the Art of Kit Colour and Placement

pre runEnsuring team spirit is at peak levels from the spirit bolstering kit is paramount!

Colour selection can inspire positivity through energetic brights, or present composure using more elegant, muted tones. Combining these factors requires careful thought regarding brightness/ hue contrast, and level placements about practical logistics like sponsors’ logos etc.

Colours are a powerful tool in conveying emotions and creating a distinct visual impact. The choice of colours should align with the team’s branding, representing its personality and style.


Finding the Perfect Palette for Performance and Style

Bright and bold colours can exude energy and enthusiasm, while more muted tones can communicate a sense of elegance and sophistication. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the practical aspects of colour selection, ensuring high visibility and contrast for players during the game. We offer fluorescent colours as well as the standard Pantone / CMYK colours.


Ronhill’s Winning Formula: Where Team Unity Meets Unforgettable Style

At Ronhill, the design and colours of customised sports kits have the ability to unite teams, showcase their identity, and leave a lasting impression.

By carefully considering the team’s values, brand, and practical needs, a well-designed sports kit can enhance team morale and create a visually striking presence in the world of sports.

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The Sublimation Process

sublimation process
sublimation process
sublimation process
sublimation process


Our Commitment to Recyclable Fabrics

While we’re passionate about delivering top-notch performance through our athletic wear, we’re equally dedicated to the environment. At Ronhill Specials, we are committed to using recyclable fabrics whenever possible. We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s world, and our efforts reflect that understanding.

Our choice of recyclable fabrics benefits the planet and ensures that you get high-quality sportswear that stands the test of time. It’s a win-win for both performance and the environment. We’re excited to offer you outstanding athletic wear and a greener, more sustainable future.


Revolutionising Athletic Wear: The Power of Sublimation Technology

Athletic wears have witnessed a technological advancement known as ‘sublimation’. It has made way for exceptional customisation choices with vivid hues imbedded within fabrics through heating processes resulting in features that are long-lasting and resilient.

Notably, there’s no need for additional stitches or layers as detailed designs can be directly enmeshed into fabrics giving it a sleek feel – adding boosts aesthetics of sport kits all around.


Sublimation: The Secret to Long-Lasting, Eye-Catching Athletic Kits

Sublimation means an assortment of patterns and colours can also be achieved without compromising quality – including penetrating deeply into fabrics thus producing fade-free colours over time – athletes’ names along with numbers plus sponsors’ logos each intricately included within team logos and other print entities for a striking looking athletic kit.

One of the benefits with sublimation is in its breathable texture as compared to traditional printing methods like screen printing, which make use of additional layers of ink for an end result that is weighty and less breathable – something athletes need when manoeuvring on the fields.


The Unbeatable Advantages of Sublimated Athletic Kits

The sublimation process has been a game-changer in customszation options with athletic kits, providing teams with personalized stunning looks that have cuts above the rest.

Its durability, vibrant colours and excellent breathability have established sublimation as the preferred choice for athletes and their teams when aiming for an unrivalled wardrobe impression during training or competitions.

Get in touch with Ronhill Specials and see what we can do for you and your club!

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